Uva String Tea Bags

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70172 Uva String Tea Bags,

Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon is blessed with many different regions, different climatic conditions and different soils where tea can be grown with unique, versatile tastes that are synonymous with each region. With the utmost care of tea leaves from the tea gardens to the manufacturing process, Ceylon tea remains the best quality tea in the world. Basilur is an unmatched brand of Ceylon’s finest tea which produces highest quality teas, elevating its quality with unparalleled, state of the art packaging designed by international experts. The unique silhouette Leaf container allows you fully appreciate Ceylon’s teas. 100% Pure Ceylon tea from the famous six regions.

Grown in the Eastern slopes of Ceylon’s central mountains, tea from UVA district has quite a remarkable flavour and famous around the world. A long leaf OP tea with golden colour liquor, this tea has been famous world-wide for over a century.

100 String & Tag Teabags, 200g

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon black tea.

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Tea Bags
Black Tea