Tangerine Tea Caddy

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70532 Tangerine Tea Caddy

Basilur’s Magic Fruits collection is a burst of natural fruits together with pure Ceylon tea & flavours which, provides the true essence of natural fruits such as luscious strawberries, zesty lemon, earthy ginger and many more delightful natural fruits. A collection of tea which has been masterfully blended to suite every desire and mood. Enjoy summer all year long with this ecstatic collection of Ceylon’s finest tea and the goodness of natural fruits.

Experience a delightful explosion of an exquisite citrusy taste on your palate with this rare combination of zesty tangerine peel, and other natural citrus fruits together with Ceylon’s finest leafy black tea. Basilur’s Tangerine tea is a refreshing treat to add an extra zing during any time of day.

100g Loose Tea

Product No: 70532-00

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Loose Leaf
Tea Caddy
Black Tea