Honey Lime Rooibos Teabags - 20

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71321 - Honey Lime Rooibos - Caffeine Free Herbal Teabags - 20

A delectable range centering magnificent Rooibos as the star ingredient. Also known as “Red Tea”, this beautiful herb is known for its health benefits all over the world. Originally grown in Africa, this brew has been consumed for hundreds of years as an aid for Asthma, other diseases and to promote healthy skin. These teas have been carefully paired and blended with complementing ingredients to give you a satisfying brew every single time.

A sensational concoction of Rooibos also known as “red tea” with luscious ingredients such as apple and sweet blackberry leaves. The sweetness of the fruits is a glorious complement to the taste of rooibos. A warm cup of pure happiness to make your day a delightful one. Ideal to be taken warm or as Iced Tea.

Caffeine Free Herbal Teabags

Contains 20 tea bags.

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Tea Bags
Herbal Tea
Caffeine Free Tea