Dimbula Tea Bags - HORECA - 100

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70269 - Dimbula Tea Bags - HORECA - 100

Grown through the western slopes of Sri Lanka, this is a fine wiry OPI tea, which provides a light coloured liquor, a sweet subtle taste and a unique creamy aroma when brewed. A tea which will reminisce the history of Ceylon tea and the beginning of a tasteful journey throughout the world, lighting the lives and uniting those who savour a flavourful cup of tea. The versatility of enjoying a cup of tea can be highly personal or it could be a shared affair with visitors and loved ones, which ever the occasion, time or place, Basilur has a pure Ceylon tea to offer in different blends and tastes to suit each and every preference and mood.

100 Foil enveloped Sachets x 2g

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon black tea with cream flavour.

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Tea Bags
Black Tea