Stock Alert

We have been inundated with orders which we thought would happen as our products are such great value and quality but we had no idea our products would sell so quickly. We still have some amazing products in stock but stock isn't as high as normal.

This has of course led to stock being lower than normal but Basilurtea UK are dedicated to getting our lovely customers the stock they require.


Story of Tea

Once upon a time........

There lived an emperor named Shen Nung in China over 5000 years ago. He was a skilled ruler, creative scientist and a patron of the Arts who made it a rule to boil water before consumption as a hygienic precaution.

One day while a pot of water was kept to boil, he made an amazing discovery by a fluke. A few dried out leaves which fell into the simmering water changed its colour and out of curiosity the emperor tasted the new concoction to realize it was truly refreshing.