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Another Fantastic Review for Basilurtea

Yet another amazing review for our products from the Tea Times. Details below.

When Basilur first got in touch to ask if Tea Times would like to review their teas, we didn’t know what a treat we were in for. But as soon as we opened the parcel, we knew we’d received something a little bit special.

Stunning packaging from Basilur Tea
As we could see, Basilur produces exclusive tea products and the exceptional quality is reflected in the beautiful and intriguing packaging.


Another Great Review For Basilur Tea uk

Tea Description:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Basilur Tea

Product Description:

Basilur is an expression of the art of drinking tea. Each range of Basilur depicts its own story related to the rich Sri Lankan heritage. Each product is a unique tea drinking experience which transports its discerning tea drinkers to another time and place. Basilur tea takes you through this long journey of tea, with innovative blends and packaging yet, keeping the 5000 year old traditions intact. This Tea Book is a gift from Basilur tea family to the connoisseurs of tea.